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Land Title Survey


ALTA Survey - ALTA stands for American Land Title Association and ACSM stands for American Congress on Surveying and Mapping.


When a property is being transferred or refinanced the Title Company and/or lender typically require an ALTA Survey. For all multifamily housing loan transactions submitted to HUD an ALTA / ACSM Land Title Survey is required.


An ALTA Survey is a boundary survey prepared for ...... Read More


FEMA Elevation Certificate


FEMA - LOMA & Elevation Certificate - The National Flood Insurance Program "NIFP" Elevation Certificate "EC" is an administrative tool of the NIFP which is used to provide elevation information necessary to ensure compliance with community flood plain management ordinances, to determine the proper insurance premium rate, or support request for a LOMA.  A LOMA (Letter of Map Amendment) is a document issued by FEMA which officially removes a ........ Read More





Engineering Survey is made to determine the position of natural and man-made features on and/or beneath the Earth's surface and utilize these features in the planning, design and construction of projects.  The success of an engineering project usually starts with an accurate survey.  This is a critical part of any engineering project.  Without an accurate understanding of the size, shape and nature of the site, the project risks .... read more...... Read More


GPS Survey


GPS Survey - The surveying and mapping community was one of the first to take advantage of GPS equipment because it dramatically increased productivity and resulted in more accurate and reliable data.  Today, we at Spot On Surveying utilize our Robotic Total Stations and GPS equipment to provide the most efficient and productive field strategies.


Unlike conventional techniques, GPS surveying is not bound be constraints such as line-of-sight visibility between ....... Read More




A Topographic Survey, sometimes referred to as a Topo Survey, is usually carried out in order to have an accurate record of the existing conditions of a parcel of land that is about to undergo some type of construction activity.  The purpose of a Topographic Survey Map is to gather survey data that will show the location of natural and man-made features including above ground improvements such as buildings, curbs, sidewalks, trees, landscape areas, streams, rock out croppings, manholes,..... Read More


Property Subdivisons


Property Subdivision is the process of splitting on larger piece of land into several smaller pieces of land.  Generally, this plat, or map, is drawn to be used to sell off the smaller pieces of land.  Whenever a new (or additional) parcel of land is proposed, the project will need to conform to local jurisdictional (city/county) ordinances and be reviewed and approved by ...... Read More

Construction Staking


Design plans are used to calculate the locations of proposed improvements with respect to the property boundary.  Spot On Surveying then sets temporary markers in the ground to assist a contractor in placing / building the improvements at the desired location. 


Impervious Cover & Calculations


Impervious cover is any type of surface that doesn’t absorb rainfall. Surfaces such as stone, rooftops, patios, driveways, sidewalks, roadways, parking lots, and some decks are considered impervious cover. Uncovered wooden decks count as 50% impervious cover.




Site Monitoring Survey is not regularly performed by most survey firms, but at Spot On Surveying we perform a regular, periodic measurement on fixed control points to analyze if there is any horizontal and/or vertical movement over a specified period of time free of charge.  These control points are typically established on adjoining ........ Read More

Property Line Location Survey


A property line location survey is similiar to a boundary survey except that permanent monuments are not placed in the ground.  Existing corner monuments will be located and flagged, temporary line points may be set and a basic site plan can be provided upon request.

*These are just a few examples of the services we offer. Spot On Surveying is capable of handling any of your land surveying or mapping needs. 

*These are just a few examples of the services we offer. Spot On Surveying is capable of handling any of your land surveying or mapping needs. 

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