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GPS Survey



GPS Survey – The surveying and mapping community was one of the first to take advantage of GPS equipment because it dramatically increased productivity and resulted in more accurate and reliable data. Today, we at Spot On Surveying utilize our Robotic Total Stations and GPS equipment to provide the most efficient and productive field strategies.


Unlike conventional techniques, GPS surveying is not bound by constraints such as line-of-sight visibility between survey stations. The stations can be deployed at greater distances from each other and can operate anywhere with a good view of the sky, rather than being confined to remote hilltops as previously required. When the GPS equipment cannot get the required shot due to lack of view in the sky i.e.(tree canopies, bridges, tunnels, etc.) we simply set local control points using standard GPS surveying techniques and switch over to our Robotic Total Station. In most cases we are either able to strategically set up our Robotic Total Station and get that needed shot or simply traverse in and out with the required data, via one man crew, ultimately saving time and money for our clients. When used by skilled professionals, (Global Positioning System) GPS equipment provides surveying and mapping data of the highest accuracy. GPS Surveying data collection is much faster than conventional surveying and mapping techniques, reducing the amount of equipment and labor required. A single surveyor can now accomplish in one day what once took an entire team weeks to do.



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