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Monitoring Survey

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Site Monitoring Survey is not regularly performed by most survey firms, but at Spot On Surveying we perform a regular, periodic measurement on fixed control points to analyze if there is any horizontal and/or vertical movement over a specified period of time free of charge. These control points are typically established on adjoining walls, buildings and hardscape features prior to the beginning of a construction project to ensure the site integrity, should it come into question by any adjacent land owners or tenant(s) throughout the construction process. This data could eventually save our clients thousands of dollars, by either preventing or disputing frivolous claims or by observing a possible weak spot and preventing a possible failure and site shutdown.

Shoring Pile Monitoring Survey is performed on a weekly or by-weekly basis mostly required by a local agency during the construction of a subterranean structure or massive retaining wall structure for line and grade where any and all movement can be analyzed and evaluated by the geotechnical engineer.


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