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Property Subdivision

Property Subdivision – Tentative Tract Map - Final Map – Parcel Map

Property Subdivision is the process of splitting one larger piece of land into several smaller pieces of land. Generally, this plat, or map, is drawn to be used to sell off the smaller pieces of land. Whenever a new (or additional) parcel of land is proposed, the project will need to conform to local jurisdictional (City/County) ordinances and be reviewed and approved by the appropriate planning department.

The (Final Map or Parcel Map) will show boundary and lot corner monuments, mathematical survey data, airspace, easements and street dedications (if required).

Property Subdivision maps are used by developers to obtain municipal approvals required to subdivide parcels of land for redevelopment. Under the terms of the subdivision regulations of the State of California and local municipalities such as the City of Los Angeles (and other cities), these documents must be prepared in accordance with stringent, complex requirements prior to approval. A successful completion of the process requires in-depth understanding of the regulations, familiarity with the government agencies, and the ability to coordinate and cooperate with a wide variety of parties with an interest in the project and its outcome.

Tentative map refers to a map made for the purpose of showing the design and improvement of a proposed subdivision and the existing conditions in and around it and need not be based upon an accurate or detailed final survey of the property.

Parcel Map refers to a map made to create 4 or fewer parcels.

Final Map refers to a map creating 5 or more parcels

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