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Texas RPLS 6375 - California PLS 8388 - Arizona RPLS 51750

Thank you for the opportunity and privilege to introduce our family owned land surveying firm, Spot On Surveying, Inc. Our company is capable of handling the full spectrum of land surveying services you require for your clients or yourself in Texas, California and Arizona. We are grateful for every opportunity to earn a new clients confidence in our services.



We utilize the newest technologies combined with our motivation to provide the finest and fastest surveying services on time and under budget. Our use of state of the art technology provides fast, precise results for your surveying project. In the field we use cutting edge GPS and robotic equipment. In the office we use the most advanced surveying and mapping techniques available today. We offer superior mapping capabilities in which we continually improve upon for an easy to use format for all our clients and in all design aspects. Spot On Surveying, Inc., prides itself on our ability to customize and work hand in hand with design teams guaranteeing client satisfaction and a superior product.


With over 20+ years of experience and an outstanding record of providing quality service and technical excellence to clients, our future success depends upon the continuation of these efforts and adherence to the highest professional standards and ideas. We pride ourselves on our reputation and are excited to offer our services through our land surveying firm, Spot On Surveying, Inc. 



Spot On Surveying, Inc., specializes in all forms of traditional land surveying, including boundary surveys, subdivisions, lot line adjustments, ALTA surveys, topographic surveys, preparing legal descriptions and


Thank you for considering Spot On Surveying, Inc..





  • Texas Society of Professional Surveyors

  • Buda Chamber of Commerce

  • SBE - Small Business Enterprise (Texas & California)

  • LSBE - Small Business Enterprise (Austin & Los Angeles Certified)

  • SBA - Small Business Administration (US certified)

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